Monday, January 29, 2007

Hello and welcome to nurses and those who support them!

This blog site is a place where nurses and those who work with them, for them, and around them are welcome to share common issues, concerns, compliments, complaints and wishes. I work for a nurse. A very powerful nurse. She answers only to the president of our hospital. I'm her administrative assistant. I'm learning daily about the enormous amount of daily pressures and stressors our nurses face. I'm humbled daily by the amount of care and concern they show for all. My intent is for this site to be one of commonality. One where we can come together and share. This site is also to honor my own Mother who was a Registered Nurse until just days before she died of breast cancer. My Mother loved her profession and I love my Mom. So, it's easy to connect those dots...I love working for nurses! I hope all will honor the intent of this site and respect each other and each other's thoughts and opinions. Above all else, please remember, "Do no Harm". Signing off for now....Rubylu